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Education is the long term solution

Poverty is an evil that has reached epidemic proportions around the world. Poverty alleviation programmes often focus on short term emergency aid. The real solution to poverty and the evils that come with it is education. Education empowers boys and girls to live more confident, focused and empowered lives. Educated children can make more informed […]

The Most Vulnerable

The most vulnerable group in any disaster zone or war zone is children. In particular the highest risk is for those children who have no father. There are an estimated 2 million orphans in Afghanistan. Orphans have a high vulnerability to sexual abuse, forced prostitution and financial exploitation due to not having the basic means […]

Afghanistan: A Forgotten Crisis

With the growing number of humanitarian crises and the development in recent years of 24 hour news, we are often confused about where to donate. Many people follow the news headlines in regards to deciding which area they wish to support. Recent devastations of Rohingya, Yemen and Syria have taken the lion’s share of charitable […]

Rohingya Aid Delivery Update

Dear all. Just wanted to keep you updated. Our Rohingya aid delivery project is in full swing. Poor and needy Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazaar are receiving desperately needed food. In the last week alone we have delivered over a tonne of food. Many families now have food for the next month due to […]